School Tours and Village Visits

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Most of the lodges in Zimbabwe offer support to the local villages and schools by supporting them financially as well as offering guests the opportunity to visit and bring supplies or offer a monetary donation (not obligatory and completely optional). A village tour is normally conducted by the ‘elder’ of the village where you will take a tour and learn about the typical daily village activities and view the setup of the accommodation and communal areas of the village. You can also take a tour of one of the nearby schools, conducted by the Headmaster, where guests are given the opportunity to hear traditional songs sung by the children and enjoy a ‘class interaction’. This is a truly genuine way to learn about and to support the local communities without creating too much of an intrusion on their daily lives and without it being a touristy ‘excursion’ – it is normally a stop made when on game drive and is inclusive of and supportive of families that work for these lodges.

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